James Taylor Jr

Portsmouth, Virginia

Pastor of The Village Church, and trainer for the Billy Graham Association.



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Called out, to Call in, & we all go UP!

Whenever you are called out about something you feel uncomfortable but also realize that it may be some truth to what is said. For example, when you came to Jesus you were called out  to know and live for Him. But you also had to acknowlege that your current way of life was not good for you and that living for Him required change. Don't ever forget that someone took the time to tell you about Jesus, that they shared His love for you while you were still a sinner (separated from God).

Well, now you have the responsibility to call in someone  to the family of God. Everyday I pass someone that I see at the gym, in town (or city), on break, at the mall, or just passing by,yet I still forget to call them in to the family of God by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Isn't it funny how the only time we even think of sharing the Gospel is oversea on a missions trip, or when they walk down the aisle on Sunday, or at church-wide community event. Let me just say that many people will come to Him just by knowing you.