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Building Blocks for Campus Outreach - Community


Community is an important part of being Christians together.  Acts 2:41-47 shows what the results were of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit—people living, working and sharing together. This is the kind of community that we want to be creating in our colleges—communities where relationships are supportive, open and vulnerable; places where people can grow and become more like Jesus because God is at work in them, breaking through from where they have been stuck, in hurts and strongholds to a place where problems are not hidden but are brought to light in a shared community.

A.  Community cannot be achieved easily in:

      • large groups 

      • groups more interested in bible-study than relationship (don't get me wrong; i don't have anything against bible study:-)

      • a hurry - community takes time; trust must be earned

B.  Build community by:

      • praying for each other and fighting together for the lives of your friends 

      • helping members identify values that destroy community and correcting members when necessary

      • facing conflict together; forgiving quickly, standing up for each other

      • making sure no one feels left out

      • meeting outside the formal small group or large group sessions

The result is an alternative, inclusive community that is attractive to those outside the church.

NOTE: Look up these scriptures that pertain to Christian community: Romans 15:7; 1 Thessalonians 5:11; Romans 12:10; Ephesians 5:21; Ephesians 5:8b; John 15:12. 

Make time for one another and arrange to go out to Starbucks or have meals together.  Invite your unchurched friends to hang out with you.  Help them to feel comfortable around other Christians.

Evangelism is a shared experience.  As small groups of believers unite to fight the evil forces of this world and reach the lost for Christ, close and intimate community will naturally take place.  This kind of community will be attractive to pre-Christians.

Much of the community building Jesus did was in the relaxed atmosphere of someone’s home. Have fun and relax together.  Community will take time to build and it is also something to be shared with friends.  Those inside and outside the church.

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