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It's been one-week now since my wife Valerie and i drove my 19 year old son Joshua to northern Minnesota to start a new journey.   He's begun a 9-month Masters' Commission, in Cold Spring, MN, 10 hours from home.  Even though it has only been one week since we last saw him, it seems like an eternity.  

It's amazing how much i miss his presence; his big smile, his leaving all the cabinet doors in the kitchen open, his quirky one liners and his playing the piano every time he passed it (all hours of the day i might add).

I keep asking myself, "Why am I feeling this way?  For goodness sake it's only been one week."                                                                                                                                                                             As I was trying to analyze my emotions concerning Josh's absence, it dawned on me how much God must long for me in a similar way and misses me when I'm aloof or distant.   In spite of my own quirky ways and often annoying habits God wants me around.  God WANTS to spend time with me.  After all these years that still blows my mind. 

It’s obvious that God has a lot to offer, but I am recognizing all over again that I have something to offer Him?  I have something God wants!  That’s right…He wants me! 

From the time that He walked with Adam and Eve in the garden until now, His desire hasn't diminished or changed.  From the middle of that Garden, the Lord called out to Adam. Today He is calling out my name and your name, waiting to share His heart with us, waiting to hear our hearts expressed to Him. 

I miss the times where Josh would just come in to my office and talk about his day or things that were coming up.  I miss him walking into the house and saying out loud, "Hello family!"  I don't know whether either one of us really comprehended the impact of those timely moments together. Man i love that crazy kid!  

Father, forgive this crazy kid, for the times that i have underestimated our moments together.  I am learning through the absence of my son that our conversations together are just as important and signficant to you as they are to me.  Thank you for reminding me again that you are not only my Father but my friend.




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