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The Demon Spirit of Confusion

The demon spirit of confusion is the agent responsible for the resignation of millions of ministers over the centuries of Church History.  No other force has caused so many innocent hearts to eventually wave the red flag of surrender.

Mr. Confusion has a clear strategy.  Like a catfish enjoying the depths of a murky pond, Mr. Confusion swims furtively around Bible colleges and churches.  He knows that if there is nothing too muddy, he cannot confuse.  Therefore, this spirit waits until enough of the Word of God has been measured out to the believer he wants to isolate. Then, he thrashes in and confuses it. 

If a person is in the process of changing a belief system through the Holy Spirit, it is not this spirit of confusion.  The Holy Ghost has been given to change our belief system, where it needs tweaking.  The Spirit of God will draw us through the uncertainty of things that we have once held onto that are incorrect, and lead us into further revelation and truth.  And, when God brings you further into a truth, you won't despise those who, either inadvertently or on purpose, kept you from it.  You will still honor them, have compassion for them, desire to pray for them, and give humble thanks that Holy Spirit has let you see the truth. 

Not so, for the person blocked by confusion.  Watch the attitude.  It is the confirmation that the negative power of confusion is thwarting someone: everything they ever appreciated is undermined, and the teachers whom they used to hold in high esteem become villains who sold them a lie.  It won't be long until truth becomes relative, and confusion's victim feels hypocritical for saying anything that may have substance. Confusion makes us back-pedal and wonder if truth can be found

The believer who yields to the spirit of confusion is like one who breaks his spine.  At the onset, this spirit tells the person that they are missing out on great teachings found elsewhere and, through curiosity, gets them digging in other places.  The material they discover becomes damaging, but not as damaging as the resentment festering toward previous mentors.  False humility sets in, and the individual makes himself seem more enlightened around his former coterie, all the while feeling vexed at heart. 

If the strongman has his way, he will lead the person into giving up the pursuit of truth, or he will carry the person into heresy.  If the person gives up, he or she will never be effective for the Kingdom.  If they keep going and enter into false doctrines, they will lead others astray.  The only two destinies that this strongman leaves its victim are that of a poor steward, or that of a false leader (if confusion runs its whole course).

As preachers, we must be ever watchful, guarding the edifice of revelation knowledge that the Spirit of God has erected in us over the years that we have served the Lord.  When we spend time, daily, praying and meditating the Word of God, we are digging a moat around our spirit and mind, which protect it from this demon spirit of confusion.

Excerpt from The Believer's Journey: Blazing the Path Of Transformation © by Chris Palmer.

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